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Salt in Canada

Canada has three known major salt formations, with large deposits located in Western Canada, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.

In Western Canada, the salt beds extend from the Northwest Territories down through Alberta, Saskatchewan, and into Manitoba. This immense deposit contains more than a million billion tons of salt.

In Ontario, salt is found along the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Erie, underlying part of Michigan, part of Ohio, and Lakes Huron and Erie.  The world’s largest salt mine, located in Goderich, Ont., and owned by Sifto Canada, mines salt from this deposit.

In the Atlantic Provinces large, thick deposits are located beneath New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, part of Newfoundland and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. These deposits occurred in various geologic eras and all of them are the remains of ancient inland seas.

Today, Compass Minerals has operations throughout North America. In Canada, the Goderich salt mine annually produces 7,250,000 tons of salt.  Evaporation plants in Goderich, Ontario; Unity, Saskatchewan; and Amherst, Nova Scotia; produce a total of more than 470,000 tons per year.


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